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Team Penning





                 A Team Penning event was held at the Oakey Showgrounds on the 27th August 2022 with 116 runs. Competition commenced at 11am, with the finals at 5.30pm featuring 10 teams.                   



1st           B. Hay; K. Hay; E. Hay

2nd        R. Hall; R. Law; K. Law

3rd        K. Bond; S. Bond; N. Teirney

4th        B. Hay; K. Hay;  E. Hay

5th        B. Deane; K. Hay; B. Hay                                                             

              Entries via email to:



           Enquiries to:

Judy Byers 0409 062 442









                                                                                                Winning team: B. Hay; K. Hay; E. Hay with judge                                                                                                    Barry Standing


                                                                   Team penning Nomination Form                                                          Animal Health Dec


Rules, etc

2021 Team Penning Celebrations

Ten years of Team Penning events were celebrated at the Oakey Showgrounds last weekend.

Sensational weather over the weekend and keen competition between teams from Rosewood to Chinchilla competed over two days.  Team Penning and Arena Sorting are events for all ages and abilities and many of the teams members had young riders who had never competed in these events before.

From the laughter that resonated across the showgrounds both days it was evident that all competitors and patrons were enjoying the weekend event.

122 runs of Team Penning on Saturday with many teams able to pen three head under one minute this led to

the ten run Team Penning final on Sunday morning being hotly contested.

First place going to Brett Hay, Katria Hay and Phil Davies penning three head in 47.75 seconds.

Second:  Tash Hay, Phil Davies, Clinton Hall, three head 1:21:14

Third:  Brett Hay, Anita Thompson, Tash Hay, three head 1:43:14

Fourth: Berrie Deane, Clinton Hall, Barry Standing, 2 head 1:30:21

Fifth:  John Pentecost, Di Lowery and Kody Lowery, 1 head 1:55:48

Sixth:  Brett Hay, Tash Hay and Elle Hay; Seventh: Katria Hay, Tash Hay, Clinton Hall;

Eighth: Katria Hay, Anita Thompson, Tash Hay; Ninth: Brett Hay, Jenn Bradley, Kate Oliver;

Tenth: Brett Hay, Tash Hay, Jenn Bradley.  Places 6 to 10 were decided on a count back to the first round as each team had no score in the final.

Arena Sorting is a 3 person team event however the object is to pen 10 in numerical order within the same two minute time limit.  65 runs of Arena Sorting.

This event was new to several of the teams and the team members are required to maintain their concentration to be successful.

Run 1 of the day saw Katria Hay, Brett Hay and Phil Davies pen the 10 head in a time of 1:44:57 and this first run being the eventual winner of the event.

Second place to Run 10 Phil Davies, Kate Oliver and Jenn Bradley with ten head in a time of 1:58:48,

Third place to Katria Hay, Brett Hay and Jenn Bradley, fourth place to Di Pentecost, John Pentecost and George Byers, and fifth place to Leanne Ziebell, Dave Barram and Christine McCauley after a run off between 6 teams for this final placing.

On Saturday evening the celebrations continued with a delicious camp oven dinner enjoyed by sponsors and patrons.  The Camp oven meal prepared by committee members Tim Steele, Fred Voll and Leanne Schilf and their helpers.  Patrons enjoyed country music by talented local artist Amanda Faulkner.

During the evening President Judy acknowledged the support of the sponsors who have sponsored team penning for the entire ten years.


These sponsors include Bernborough Hardware and Produce, Riverina Stockfeeds and Wholesale Horsewear House.

John, Kerry, Andrew and Courtney from Lake Lillerie Feedlot have supplied cattle from the very first event, along with Matt and Alice Edwards of Edwards Livestock , New Acland Pastoral Co and Strassburgs Transport in more recent years, this event would never have been the success it has been without this continual support.

Judy welcomed two new sponsors this year, Mark and Tracey Lees and Sonja Naumann Equine Therapist.

Our judge Barry and his wife Debbie have supported our event from the beginning as well and we thank them for their assistance over ten years and for all the laughs along the way.

The show committee is looking forward to the next twelve months, with the new pavilion now completed.

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