13 March 2021

Theme: Smoke on the Downs

Conditions of Entry


1. ENTRIES will be accepted at the Secretary’s Office, at the Showgrounds. The Office will be open: Monday 1st March 2021 to Friday 5th March 2021 (9:30am to 2:30pm); Monday 8th March 2021 to Friday 12th March 2021 (9:00am to 5:00pm); SHOW DAY (All Day). 

The attention of intending exhibitors is drawn to the fact that entries are accepted subject to the rules of the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies and to the Constitution and Rules of this Society (  See relevant Show sections for closure times for entries.

2. Competitors shall endeavor to send a detailed list of articles they intend to submit for competition. The list should be delivered to the Secretary at least five (5) days prior to the Show. Each article on delivery should be correctly labeled with Section and Class details. Entry fees must accompany entries. No refunds will be allowable on any entry that is not exhibited.


3. Exhibits will be received in accordance with the regulations set out in this schedule.


4. No exhibitor will be allowed to remove, or in any way interfere with any exhibit until 5.00pm Saturday of the Show, unless with permission from the Steward concerned. Greenwood Hall will be closed from 4.00pm until 4.45pm for stewards to organize exhibits for collection.


5. Agricultural, Horticultural, Produce, Home Cooking, Needlework and Handcraft must be grown or made by the exhibitor.


6.No person shall act as judge over exhibits in any class which he/she is an Exhibitor.


7. The Judges decision is final, but in the event of a protest, such protest shall be lodged in writing within half an hour of the event, with the Secretary. $50.00 to accompany protest which will be refunded if protest is upheld.


8. The Judge may award a second or third prize instead of a first, if exhibits are not of sufficient merit.


9. No person, without the permission of the Chief Steward, shall be permitted inside Greenwood Hall on judging day.


10. Where exhibits bear the name of an exhibitor or manufacturer, the name is to be carefully covered until judging is over.


11. The Committee reserves the right to refuse entry into the grounds to any exhibit where there is reason to expect that it is diseased or dangerous. The Committee also reserves the right to remove such an entry from the grounds.


12. No award ribbon, other than those awarded at the Show shall be placed on any exhibit whilst in the Showgrounds, without the prior approval of the Steward for the section in which it is entered.


13. PRIZE MONEY will be paid in cash and may be collected from the Secretary’s Office on Saturday of the Show. Any prize money not collected at the Show will revert to the credit of the Society.


14. Precautions will be taken to guard against fire and to protect the property of the Show Society, but the exhibits will not be insured at a cost to the Society.


Oakey Show Program 2021

Enjoy a fun-filled family day out!

Times subject to change

FREE Family Entertainment

Official Opening at 10.30am 

Around The Grounds

1.30pm           Fashion Parade

3pm                Pet Parade

4pm                Dog Jumping Challenge


New Members

The Oakey Show Society


Annual Membership ~ Family $20.00 ~ Single $10.00.

Free entry to the Rodeo & Show

Become a member and be included in the membership lucky draw of $100.00 cash – drawn after the official opening on show day.

Prize Kindly Donated By Wayne & Tina Laughton



Members - Free

  Non Members - $10.00

Aged Pensioners (Card required) - $5.00

High School (ID required) - $5.00

Children (under 12 years) - $3.00


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PO Box 91, Oakey 4401

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