Prime Beef Cattle 2021


Chief Steward: Daniel Meacham   P: 0417459953  Lachlan Darr   P: 0458772863

Please adhere to COVID key principles in place at Oakey Showgrounds for the Oakey Show

Gates open Friday 6am to 6pm. No entry after 6pm.




















                         Class 1 Butcher Steer & Heifer

                         Class 2 Feeder Steer & Heifer

                         Class 3 "Natures Fresh" Grass Fed Steer & Heifer

                         Class 4 Weaner Steer & Heifer

                         Class 5 Export Cow

                         Cream of the Crop (Class 2, 4 & 5)

                         Reserve Champion (Class 1 & 3)

                         Grand Champion (Class 1 & 3)

                  2021 Oakey Show Prime Cattle Show and Sale


                                                                  Oakey Showgrounds


    Cattle to be delivered to Oakey Showgrounds Between 1pm - 3pm Friday 12th March


     All Cattle Must arrive before 3pm on Friday 12th March


   Class winners are required to hold cattle at Showgrounds until 2:30pm

   on Saturday 13th March for Prime Cattle Exhibit


     Cattle will be available for viewing on Saturday 13th March

     Prime Cattle Judging will commence at 4pm Friday 12th March



     Entries Close: Friday 5th March

    Send entries to:

    Post: Oakey A., P. & R. Society Inc.

               PO Box 91

              Oakey Qld 4401



   Entry Fee:

   Class 1 & 3 $15.00 per Head $30.00 per Pen of 3

   Class 2,4 & 5 $10.00 per Head, $20.00 per Pen of 3

  For Further Information Contact:

  Daniel Meacham: 0417 459 953

  Lachlan Darr: 0458 772 863

  Prizes consist of Cash, Gift Vouchers and Trophies


  Minimum Prizes to the value of:

  Single Classes:

  1st   $40

  2nd $25

  3rd  $15

 Grand Champion


 Reserve Champion


 Cream of the Crop


2021 Oakey Show Prime Cattle Show and Sale

                  Terms and Conditions


No stud cattle eligible for entry.


  • No Cattle will be allowed entry to the Oakey Showgrounds unless accompanied by a fully completed National Vendor

       Declaration and Waybill and fitted with approved NLIS device for all cattle

  • Any exhibitor wishing to sell their entries may do so –they will be sold by open auction (less commission).

       No nomination fee will be charged in this case.

  • Cattle are entered at owners’ risk and every care will be taken with the exhibits – however the organizing committee / Agents will not be responsible for any damage, accident, loss, or death. Stewards may use their discretion and refuse any Entry.

  • Each Exhibitor should specify on their entry form the number of permanent teeth erupted on each beast nominated by them.

  • All cattle entered will be Mouthed and weighed upon arrival

  • All cattle to be dehorned or polled – scurs are to be no longer than 20mm (3/4 inch) – any longer will be deemed non-competitive.

       No freshly dehorned cattle accepted.

  • Cattle Entered are to be a Maximum TBC (Tropical Breed Content) of 51% e.g., Braford (No Dairy Breeds)

  • Any animal deemed to be dangerous or not of Show Standard will be rejected and Stewards retain the right to transfer any entry to correct weight class if necessary.

  • Where there are insufficient entries in a class, the stewards reserve the right to transfer the entry to the next suitable class.

  • If there is a considerable number of entries in a class, the stewards reserve the right to split the class.

  • Cattle cannot be entered or compete in more than one class.

  • Champions will be selected from Single Classes.

  • The Agents upon receiving a signed entry form will weigh cattle prior to judging.


  • Cattle that are entered in the Sale, Will not be Charged Entry fee, but will be Deducted a Commission Fee

  • Entry Fees Will apply to those cattle that are not in the sale

  • A commission of 5% will be charged on all sales of which the agent will refund 2.5% to the organizing committee.

  • Oakey A P & R Society Inc. are affiliated with The Queensland Chamber of Agriculture Society and this competition will be conducted under their Rules. A copy of these rules will be available from the stewards.

  • All cattle must be “Fit to Load” and have Nil Withholding Period (WHP)

  • Any cattle that are outside of Class Specification may be rejected from Entering

  • No Cattle to be removed before 1:00pm Saturday 13th March 2021.

  • Judging to commence as per schedule approximately 4pm Friday 12th March 2021.

  • Grass fed class entrants are required to accompany a Grass-fed declaration which will be supplied by the Organising Committee

  • Grass fed entries must have never-ever had Hormones, Antibiotics and Grain.

  • Classes 1&3 Not Eligible for “Cream of the Crop”

  • Classes 2,4 & 5 Not Eligible for “Grand & Reserve Champion”


All Cattle Will be supplied with Water & Hay While at the Showgrounds.


Joe Tones Memorial Prize:

Aggregate points gained for Prime Young Judges, Stud Young Judges and Paraders.

                                                                                                                                                                      Prime Beef Cattle Entry Forms

Forms / Information