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Preserves  2024

Steward: Norma Byers: Phone: (07) 4691 1402

Entries close Monday 11 March 2024 with Secretary PO Box 91 Oakey 4401.


All exhibits in this section must be delivered to the Pavilion by 9am on Friday 15 March 2024 to enable judging to commence at 9:30am.  No entries will be accepted after 9am.  Please place stickers on each jar.

Exhibits may be collected after 4.00pm on Saturday 16 March 2024.

Jams and Jellies etc. to be in jars or bottles of at least 500 ml (1 lb) capacity, clear glass, with screw top, except in the case of lemon or other butters.

ENTRY FEE: 50c    -     PRIZE MONEY:  FIRST $3.00;   SECOND $1.50 (unless otherwise stated)


This Section sponsored by Mrs Alison Hedge together with The Ray Family - Mrs Beryl Ray Memorial Trophy to be awarded to the exhibitor gaining the highest number of points in the section.  Champion Preserve Exhibit of Show will be awarded.



Class 3201           Bottle Apricot Jam

Class 3202          Bottle Fig Jam

Class 3203          Bottle Grape Jam

Class 3204          Bottle Plum Jam

Class 3205          Bottle Tomato Jam

Class 3206          Bottle Rosella Jam

Class 3207          Bottle Sweet Orange Jam

Class 3208         Jar Lemon Butter

Class 3209         Collection of Jams - not less than 3 varieties - no marmalade

Class 3210          Bottle Marmalade - any variety

Class 3211           Collection of Marmalades

Class 3212          Any other Jelly

Class 3213          Bottle of Chutney - any variety

Class 3214          Bottle of Pickles – any variety

Class 3215          Bottle of Tomato Relish

Class 3216          Bottle any other Relish-to be named

Class 3217          Bottle Tomato Sauce

Class 3218         Bottle any other Sauce- to be named

Class 3219         Bottle - any other variety to be named

Class 3220        Bottle of pickled onions

Class 3221         Bottle of pickled vegetables- any variety to be named

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