Chief Steward: Eric Haering Phone: 0418 809391

Steward: Allyson Gardener Phone: 0438 913328

The Photography Section express purpose is for all persons to participate and compete on an even

amateur level, therefore “professional” photographers (ABN holder, person receiving a

commission/reward for photos) are encouraged not to enter.

  • All entries are to be the original work of the exhibitor, must be a single image from an original camera capture and all copyright laws must be complied with.

  • Each entry may only be entered in one class – no duplicate or cropped copies.

  • All entries are to be permanently mounted on plain or coloured board of reasonable stiffness and have at least a 1cm (0.5in) border for display with a maximum size of ½ A4 sheet.

  • Entries for Class 31 are to be mounted on backing with a maximum size of A3 sheet. Maximum size of each photo 6 in x 4 in.

  • Owner’ name is not to be visible when viewing entry as displayed. Entrant details - name and postal address, are to be printed in neat and legible block letters on the back of the entry.

  • Name of location and details (building/monument/feature/scene/event) are to be placed on front of entry in classes 3 and 4 and are to be neat and legible.

  • Framed entries will not be accepted.

  • Entries lodged by post are to be submitted with a stamped self-addressed envelope for their return together with any respective prize monies.

  • Entries must be received by 4pm on Tuesday 10 March 2020 at the Show Secretary’s Office Oakey Showgrounds. Entries may be collected after 4pm on Saturday 14 March 2020 at The Gallery. Entries not collected after 5pm Saturday 14 March 2020, will no longer remain the responsibility of the Show Society.

  • All entries that are non-compliant to the above will not be eligible for judging.

  • Unlabelled photos in classes 3 and 4 will not be eligible for judging.

  • Winning entries from previous years are not eligible for judging.

  • Chief Steward reserves the right to re-classify entries prior to judging

Entry Fee: 60c per photo. Maximum of $15 entry fees per person for any number of entries.

Prizes: First $3, Second $2, Third $1 (unless otherwise stated).

If only one entry in class, judge may not award prize. Less than ten (10) entries in class, third prize

may not be awarded. Judges decision is final.

The Oakey A. P. & R. Society Inc. reserves the right to use entries for Oakey Show promotional and publicity purposes as decided by the Oakey A. P. & R. Society Inc. Management Committee.

As a guide, judges look for the following:

a. Visual Appeal: colour, lighting, composition, special effects, tonal range, definition and clarity.

b. Content: subject has intrinsic interest to the general public, or has recognizable significant meaning as portrayed.

c. Originality: fresh ideas, interpretation, wit, sensitivity.

d. Technical and Logistic Accomplishment: shows evidence of skill and effort in capturing difficult or fleeting subject, juxtaposing free ranging components, being at the right place at the right time, etc.

e. A really good photo.




1. Animal study (birds, dogs, cats, fish, insects, etc.)

2. Farm Life or Rural Scene

3. Australian Buildings / Monuments - Name of building/monument and location

4. Australian Landscape – Name of feature/scene and location (no third prize)

5. Floral Garden study

6. Waterscape

7. Weather Aspects – sunrise, sunset, clouds etc

8. Transportation – any type

9. Individual Portrait

10. Couple / Family Portrait

11. Last year’s Oakey on Show – Oakey Show, Awards Night, Art Show

12. Black and White

13. People / person at work or play

14. Action – Any Sporting activity

15. Night time - after sunset and before sunrise

16. Reflections

17.  Colour - Blue

18. All other photos

JUNIOR A SECTION – Year 7 to Year 12:

19. Favourite photo

20. Animal study (birds, dogs, cats, fish, insects, etc.)

21. Farm Life

22. Waterscape

23. Weather Aspects – sunrise, sunset, clouds etc

24. Action – Any Sporting activity

25. All other photos

JUNIOR B SECTION – Kindy to Year 6:

26. Favourite photo

27. Family member

28. Family pet/s

29. Favourite activity

30. All other photos


31. Multiple. Four 6x4 photos on one mount that tell a story

Prizes: First $5, Second $3.

OPEN CHAMPION: Ribbon and $50.00. Bob Sheinberg Memorial Trophy donated by Noal Kuhl.

JUNIOR A CHAMPION: $20.00 donated by Eric and Suzanne Haering.

JUNIOR B CHAMPION: $10.00 donated by Eric and Suzanne Haering.

MOST SUCCESSFUL EXHIBITOR: $20  awarded to the exhibitor with the highest number of points, calculated by;

First = 3, Second = 2, Third = 1.


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