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Horse Section  2023


Chief Steward: Joanne Lossberg 0408 769 975 or George Byers 4691 1656 A/H

Entry Fee – All Classes $3.00, excluding Jumping.

Entry tickets to be purchased at the Horse Ring Tent. NO Refunds.                                                       QR Code Oakey Showgrounds

Prize Money to be collected at the Horse Ring Tent on Show Day.



Prize Money:  1st - $8.00   2nd - $4.00

Trophies and Prize Money have been generously donated by the following:

Bernborough Hardware, Wholesale Horsewear House, Riverina Stockfeeds, The Shorten Family, The Oakey Pharmacy, Edwards Saddleworld, Horseland Toowoomba, The Byers and Biltoft Families, Mr Max Jannusch, Rodney and Leah Chicken, Corralyn Stud.


  • QCAS Mandatory requirements state that Horse Health Declarations be completed for all horses attending QCAS affiliated Agricultural Shows and other equestrian events organised and run by the show societies. It is therefore a requirement of the Oakey Show that the Horse Health Declarations and Competitor Waiver Forms are completed and handed in at the Horse Ring Tent, where you will receive your competitor’s wrist band.  These forms must be completed prior to the riding/handling of horses on the showgrounds on Show Day.

  • Horse Ring Entry Tickets can be purchased after receipt of your competitor wristband. All Entries will be taken via the Southern Horse Ring Tent.

  • The Horse Health Declarations can be found at the end of Section A Horses within this schedule.

  • The declarations are required to be held on file by the Show Society for 2 years after the date of the horse event.  

  • All horses on the showgrounds whether competing on the day or not need to be included on the Declaration.

  • The Society runs under QCAS rules and regulations at all times.

  • All Horses and Ponies must be registered in respective breeds to compete. Papers are to be available to view in all breed classes.

  • Local Classes – Horses and Riders must reside within 30km of the Oakey Showground.

  • Ponies must not exceed 14 hands.

  • Galloway Hacks shall be over 14 hands and NE 15 hands.

  • Stallions are not permitted to compete in Hack classes.

  • Judges decision is final. All protests must be in writing with the fee of $50.00 and forwarded to the Secretary within 30 minutes of the class finishing.

  • In the event of a tie prize money will be shared.

  • Competing horses must be drug free and sound. Random drug swabbing may occur.

  • Stallions are to have bits in their mouth at all times. Age limit on handlers.

  • Horses are either Show Horse or Show Hunter. They cannot compete in both except where stated.

  • All Riders must wear protective helmets that are to Australian Standard.

  • For safety, all Handlers must wear suitable footwear when leading horses.

  • Bullying is an issue in many sports today. The Oakey Show Society wishes to advise that bullying will not be accepted in any form at our show.

  • All tickets to be fully completed with horse’s name, owner and address details before entering ring. No refunds.

  • A Maiden Hack is a Hack that has not won a Maiden Class in competition at any affiliated show. After winning a Maiden Hack Class, this horse will be recognized as a Novice.

  • A Novice Hack is a Hack that has not won a Champion at an affiliated show. After winning a Champion Hack, this horse will be recognized as Open.

  • The age of a Competitor is determined as at the first day of the show. The age of all horses is calculated as at 1st August.

  • Newcomer – not to have started under saddle before 1/7 of the previous year.


SUPREME LED PONY OF SHOW – Rug Donated by Bernborough Hardware and Voucher from Edwards Saddleworld
SUPREME CHAMPION LED EXHIBIT OF SHOW - Rug Donated by Bernborough Hardware and Voucher from Edwards Saddleworld
CHAMPION RIDDEN GALLOWAY OF SHOW – Rug Donated by Horseland Toowoomba
SUPREME CHAMPION RIDER OF SHOW – Ken Shorten Memorial Trophy – donated by The Shorten Family



(For the conduct of equestrian competitions at QCAS affiliated Queensland Agricultural Shows)


Subject to the Rules, By-Laws and Regulations of the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Society’s Inc. (QCAS) and the Society/Association relevant to this schedule, the following General Horse Regulations shall apply.


Where there is a conflict between these regulations and the regulations and rules of the local Agricultural Society, the rules of the Affiliated Agricultural Society prevail.

These regulations are to be read in conjunction with the General Regulations contained in this schedule.


  1. A MAIDEN has not won in competition at an affiliated agricultural Show.  After winning a MAIDEN hack class this horse will be recognised as a NOVICE.  A Novice will remain a NOVICE until winning an open championship at an affiliated agricultural show. 

  2. Parents, Guardians, or Strappers are not permitted in the horse arena during judging other than in any lead line class as in accordance with regulation 1.4 herein.

  3. Marshalling area to be supplied by all affiliated agricultural Shows.

  4. In any lead line class only one (1) handler may be involved in the leading of the Pony, Galloway or Hack.

  5. The President, Committee person or Chief Steward shall have power to turn out any horse and rider from the ring, in any class, if they deem it is not entered correctly, or give permission for it to enter the correct class.

  6. At any affiliated agricultural show the horse committee has the right to substitute a judge.

  7. Once judging of a class has commenced the Steward has the right to refuse entry to the class for competitors who are late.

  8. In Breed Classes, registration papers (where applicable) must be available at the Show as proof of registration and carried on the person when actually competing and presenting the horse. (Photocopies, preferably coloured, are acceptable).

  9. An Exhibitor required by the Show section schedule or rules of the affiliated Society to parade an exhibit in the Grand Parade and who fails to do so, shall not be entitled to and shall forfeit any prize money or trophy to that Exhibitor and/or for that Exhibit.

  10. Any Exhibitor who by themselves or any agent who:

  11. directly or indirectly presents a horse which has an identity other than its true identity;

  12. does any act or thing which is likely to result in a horse being incorrectly identified;

  13. does any act or thing which is likely to result in a horse being incorrectly measured;

  14. is automatically disqualified from exhibiting.

  15. At the beginning of each calendar year an exhibitor MUST choose the category for their exhibit, EITHER Show Hunter or Show Horse, when competing at a QCAS Affiliated Agriculture Show.

  16. An exhibitor must choose to enter in classes as either a Show Hunter or a Show Horse (Pony, Galloway or Hack). Exhibitors cannot enter as both.   



  1. Judging will be performed by a Judge or panel of Judges appointed by the Society.

  2. In the event of the Judge deciding that the exhibits in any Class are not worthy of a prize, no prize will be awarded.

  3. It is considered good ethics that if a Junior Judge or Associate Judge has been judging in his/her own right at any affiliated Agricultural Show, they are not eligible to enter the Young Judges competition at that Show, BUT they can still enter at another Show where they are not acting in a judging roll.

  4. A Judge shall not adjudicate at more than one show within 30 days within a Sub-Chamber unless judging different sections.  This rule applies to all affiliated agricultural show sections.

  5. In all affiliated Agricultural Show sections, Judges should not judge the same section within a two (2) year period at the same show.

  6. Judging cards and performance records shall be completed by the committee person in charge, Chief Steward and/or the Judge of a section (if required) during or immediately after the judging of the section or at the Judge’s convenience.

  7. If a Judge is unable to fulfill a judging commitment, the Judge shall notify the Society as soon as possible so a replacement can be arranged.

  8. A Judge shall not send a substitute Judge but may nominate a replacement judge to the society.  All invitations to judge shall be sent by the affiliated Society.

  9. A Society shall report to QCAS any Judge who fails to attend a Show to which he or she has accepted an invitation to judge or, who has failed to judge at the time advertised for the commencement of the class provided that the failure to attend or appear is without reasonable cause.

  10. A Judge may not officiate, and compete or exhibit in the same section at the same show unless exceptional circumstances exist such as sickness or unavailability of the appointed Judge.

  11. A Steward assisting the Judge in a particular section shall remove him/herself from the section if within a period of six (6) months prior to or during the show he/she or any member of their immediate family, business partners, or employee has owned, leased, bred, trained or schooled an animal or competitor exhibiting in any class in that section.

  12. An Exhibitor shall not compete in a section if the Exhibitor is a member of the Judge’s immediate family.

  13. No Exhibitors shall deface or alter registration papers or performance cards for any exhibit.

  14. A Judge or Steward must not knowingly permit an ineligible Exhibit or Exhibitor to compete.

  15. No Exhibitor or members of the Exhibitor’s immediate family or employed by the Exhibitor shall approach a Judge with regard to a decision made by the Judge unless they first obtain permission from the Committee person in charge or Steward of the Section.

  16. An Exhibitor shall not compete nor show any animal in a section if the animal has been owned or leased by the Judge or a member of the Judge’s immediate family within six (6) months prior to the show or if the Judge is the Exhibitor’s employer or business partner.

  17. An Exhibitor shall not compete if the Exhibitor or any animal being shown by the Exhibitor has been given tuition by the Judge or the Judge’s business partner within three (3) months prior to or during the show.

  18. An Exhibitor is ineligible to compete, if the Exhibitor has employed or has been employed by or has been a business partner of the Judge of the Section within three (3) months prior to or during the holding of the Show.

  19. A Judge shall not visit the livestock-housing complex of the Agricultural Society, nor the owners, nor inspect or discuss any animal entered in the Show prior to or during the judging of the relevant section.

  20. In Breed Classes, ALL animals must have current Registration and Ownership Certificates with the Breed Society.



  1. Pony Hacks must not exceed 14 hands.

  2. A Galloway Hack shall be over 14 Hands and not exceeding 15 Hands.

  3. A Galloway Hack cannot compete in other Hack Classes unless otherwise stated.

  4. Horses, Galloways or Ponies entered in any class for which a prescribed height is a condition, must be measured by the Official Measurer who will issue a Certificate of Height.  The Certificate of Height must be available on request and carried on the person or crescent number attached to the horse, when actually competing or presenting the horse.

  5. When measuring a Horse, Galloway or Pony an allowance of up to 9.5mm (3/8 inch) is to be made for shoes.  When an Exhibitor disagrees with the Official Measurer’s figure for an animal which has been measured with shoes on, the Exhibitor may, should they so desire, have it measured without shoes.

  6. Should a Horse, Galloway or Pony be found by the Official Measurer to be over or under height for the Class in which it is entered, the Chief Steward has the right to transfer to a corresponding ring.


  8. Show Pony Hack and Show Pony Hunter Hack over 12.2 hands and not exceeding 14 hands may be ridden by a juvenile or adult.

  9. All small Show Pony Hacks and Show Hunter Pony Hacks 12.2 hands (127.5cm) and under to be ridden by a juvenile rider under 17 years of age. 

  10. Horses may be entered in Hack classes OR Hunter Hack classes but not in both.


  12. A person who has not attained the age of six (6) years must not ride a horse at a show unaccompanied by an adult unless otherwise stipulated for a particular class.

  13. A person who has not attained the age of eighteen (18) years must not ride or handle a Stallion at a Show.

  14. An Honorary Steward may at any time require a person who does not appear to be able to ride or handle any horse to dismount and leave the ring.

  15. The age of a person is determined as at the first day of any affiliated show.

  16. A person who has attained the age of twelve (12) years may ride in the Open Hack Ring.

  17. Proof of age must be presented when requested by the steward and is to be carried on the person whilst competing or exhibiting unless such proof has been presented to the show administration prior to acceptance of entries or judging of that section.


  19. It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to ensure that the leaders of their horses in judging rings, Grand Parades and exercise areas are capable of exercising control over the animals in their care. 

  20. Each exhibitor/competitor will assess the risk to themselves, staff, volunteers, family, other exhibitors, show stewards, show visitors and any person foreseeably affected by the presentation of their exhibit.

  21. The exhibitors/competitors are required to ensure that they and all persons under their direction or control comply with all requirements of the current Workplace Health and Safety Act, and the Affiliated Show Society holds each exhibitor responsible to discharge its obligations to provide and maintain a safe place and system of work during occupation by the exhibitor/competitor of any area of the Showgrounds.

  22. Energised electric fences are prohibited on the showground at any time, without the express permission of the society or unless specified in the societies schedule.  Any fences are to be suitable signed.


  24. The age of all horses to be calculated as at 1 August.  Every horse foaled before 1 August in any year shall be deemed to be one (1) year old on that date.

  25. Male horses under the age of three (3) years are defined as being Colts and female horses under the age of three (3) years are defined as being Fillies.  These horses are not permitted to compete in the respective Stud Class for Stallions or Mares.


  27. All riders and attendants must be neatly and appropriately attired whilst in the main arena and/or judging ring.  The Chief Steward has the right to exclude anyone from competing whose attire is inappropriate.

  28. Shorts, singlets, thongs, joggers and similar attire are not permitted.

  29. Short boots are to be worn by Adults and Juveniles riding in Pony Hack and Hunter Hack classes 12.2 hands and under 14 hands.

  30. Long boots may be worn in Galloway Hack and Hack classes.

  31. A snaffle bit must be used on Maiden Horses ridden in Maiden Hack and Hunter classes.

  32. A snaffle bit must be used on Newcomer Horses ridden in Newcomer hack and Hunter classes

  33. Judges and Stewards in all horse rings must be suitably attired.  Recommendations include;


  34. Tailored type dress, suit, pants suit,

  35. Suitable covered shoes (low heel),

  36. Scarf (suitable to class), and

  37. Hat (not floppy brim).

  38. Males:

  39. Lounge suit, tailored slacks/mole skins with Sports coat

  40. Tie/Cravat (suitable to class),

  41. Hat (Western or day time) or acceptable English style cap, and

  42. Suitable foot ware.

  43. Unacceptable attire

  44. Peak/ball type caps,

  45. Blue Jeans, and

  46. TRACK pants Track suits or similar attire. 

  47. Any rider competing in events at an affiliated agricultural show must wear protective headgear to the current Australian Standard (unless otherwise stated in the schedule for the class).  The retaining harness must be secured and fastened at all times.  Riders without approved headgear shall be ineligible to compete until rectified; if request is ignored instant elimination from all events will occur.

  48. Recommended wear for informal classes; Safety Skull Cap (to the current Australian, European or American standard), Shirt and tie, coat, jodhpurs, elastic sided boots, riding cane, gloves, tweed coat.


  1. Whilst in the main arena of any affiliated show’s event, exhibitors and competitors will be under the direction of the Chief Steward and the stewards in charge of the respective judging rings.

  2. The society accepts no responsibility if judging times conflict with one or more classes or events in which an exhibitor may be entered.  Where a conflict may occur, it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to notify a withdrawal from either event.  No ring shall be required to wait for a competitor or exhibitor who may be competing in another ring.


  1. The excessive use of whips or spurs by any rider in any event or on the grounds will not be countenanced.  Any person continuing the practice after being warned may be debarred from competing further in any event.  Cruelty to horses is forbidden at any affiliated show event.

  2. Any competitor found guilty of committing a definite act of cruelty will be disqualified from taking part in all competitions of the event where the offence was committed.

  3. No spurs with spikes will be permitted.

  4. The Chief Steward shall be the sole judge of what constitutes cruelty and includes without limitation:

  5. to whip or beat a horse excessively;

  6. to subject a horse to any kind of electric shock;

  7. to use spurs, or to jab the horse in the mouth with the bit, excessively or persistently;

  8. to rap a horse;

  9. to remount, or attempt to remount, an exhausted, lame or  injured horse;

  10. to hypersensitise any part of a horse;

  11. to leave a horse without adequate feed, drink or exercise; and

  12. excessive exercise.


  1. Stallions are not permitted to compete in hack classes.

  2. All stallions and colts must be correctly bitted whilst in hand and the Judge/Ring Steward in Charge shall have the right to disqualify any exhibit, if in that Judge/Ring Stewards  opinion, such exhibit is not able to sufficiently be controlled in a safe manner for judging to continue.  The exhibit will be ineligible to compete in the class in which it is entered or paraded and upon such disqualification the exhibit shall forthwith be removed from the judging ring.

  3. At no time can a stallion be handled by a person under eighteen (18) years of age.

  4. A stallion with only one descended testicle is a Monorchid, whilst a stallion with no descended testicles is a Cryptorchid and both are classed as unsound in stallion classes.


  1. For eligibility to compete at the Royal Queensland Show in the Hack, Galloway and Pony Hacks (including Show Hunter) sections (unless otherwise stated by the RNA), competitors are required to provide a performance record of their best eight (8) performances achieved within 12 months prior to close of entries for the forthcoming Royal Queensland Show in comparable events. 
    A comparable event is: if entering Hack section then only Hack performances are acceptable.  If entering Show Hunter Classes, only Show Hunter performances are acceptable.

  2. A minimum of six (6) of these performances must be gained at individual agricultural shows affiliated with the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies (QCAS) or with the agricultural society organisation in the state in which the awards were won.

  3. Only one performance per show will be considered.

  4. All results are forwarded to QCAS within fourteen (14) days of the affiliated Society’s agricultural show for verification with the RNA as required.

  5. In the event of an affiliated Agricultural Show holding their Hack Rings as a three (3) ring circuit or rotational judging competition (or events or classes) only one win at that show will be counted as a first place for eligibility to compete at the Royal Queensland Show.

  6. The exhibitor irrevocably consents to the society and QCAS publishing or reproducing in any manner whatsoever any particulars or information in relation to their exhibits; the publication or reproduction may be in a printed form or visual image through electronic means and/or on the internet.


  1. A person must not administer a prohibited substance or cause one to be administered to an exhibit, except as permitted by any By-Laws or Regulations.

  2. The exhibitor, owner and attendant of any exhibit to which a prohibited substance has been administered is in breach of the By-Laws unless the prohibited substance is permitted by the By-laws or Regulations to be administered.

  3. An exhibit to which a prohibited substance has been administered in breach of the By-Laws must be removed from the judging ring upon demand of the affiliated show society.

  4. The affiliated Agricultural Society, in its discretion and at any time, may cause an examination to be made of an exhibit by a Veterinary Surgeon who, in the course of such examination, may:

  5. take such samples (including, without limitation, urine, blood, saliva and faeces) from such Exhibit as he considers necessary or advisable;

  6. have such samples tested by such methods and procedures as she/he considers appropriate;

  7. examine the Exhibit for desensitised limbs;

  8. Procedures in the above rule are at the expense of the exhibitor/owner of the exhibit in question

  9. Any Exhibit, Exhibitor, Owner or Person in charge of any Animal who appears to have had/have given a Prohibited Substance will definitely be debarred by the Stewards from competing in any event for which it may have been entered at the Affiliated Show, as all are deemed to have acted in breach of this By Law. If a Veterinary surgeon is required all expenses for same are the responsibility of the Exhibitor, Owner or Person in charge.

  10. The Affiliated Society and any Steward or Agent of the Society shall not be liable to an Exhibitor for the death of, or for injury, damage or infection which may be sustained by his/her exhibit occasioned by or arising out of any act or omission of any Steward, or Agent of the Society during the course of the testing of the Exhibit, whether due to the negligence of any such Steward, Agent or otherwise.

  11. ‘Prohibited Substance’ means any substance originating externally to an animal (and whether or not endogenous to the animal) capable of affecting the performance of the animal by its action upon:

  12. the central or peripheral nervous system;

  13. the cardiovascular system;

  14. the respiratory system;

  15. the alimentary digestive system;

  16. the musculo-skeletal system;

  17. the urogenital system; or

  18. the endocrine system.


  20. analgesics;

  21. anti-histamines;

  22. anti-inflammatory agents;

  23. blood anti-coagulants;

  24. diuretics;

  25. hormones and their synthetic counterparts;

  26. cortico-steroids;

  27. anabolic steroids;

  28. local anaesthetics;

  29. muscle relaxants;

  30. tranquillisers;

  31. antibiotics;

  32. stimulants; and

  33. glues and bleaches.

  34. The administering of antibiotics may be permitted provided the exhibitor can produce a treatment notification form, or a veterinary certificate.

  35. The current QCAS Equestrian Swabbing Policy Fact Sheet is available at .

  36. Agricultural Societies and QCAS comply with the Equestrian Australia Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations which are available at 


  1. Horse Exhibitors must present; Horse Health Declaration, Waybill and/or Queensland Travel Permit when moving onto any affiliated agricultural society showgrounds.

  2. It is compulsory to complete a Horse Health Declaration for ALL horses entering an affiliated agricultural society showgrounds. 

  3. All QCAS affiliated agricultural societies have developed a comprehensive Agricultural Show Biosecurity Plan and all event organisers, competitors and spectators have a joint responsibility to ensure the successful implementation of a biosecurity plan.

  4. Horse Health Declarations are available at or contact the relevant Agricultural Society.

  5. The current QCAS Hendra Virus Biosecurity Policy Statement and Fact Sheet are available at




101      Best Presented Thoroughbred

102      Mare/Filly

103      Gelding

104      Off the track

Champion and Reserve Champion Led Thoroughbred



105      Best Presented ANSA

106      Mare/Filly

107      Gelding

Champion and Reserve Champion Led ANSA



108      Best Presented Warmblood

109      Mare/Filly

110      Gelding

Champion and Reserve Champion Led Warmblood



111      Best Presented Show Hunter            

112      Show Hunter Galloway

113      Show Hunter Horse

Champion and Reserve Champion Led Show Hunter



114      Best Presented Arabian/Part Breed Arabian

115      Mare/Filly

116      Gelding

Champion and Reserve Champion Led Arabian/Part Breed Arabian



117      Best Presented Any Other Breed

118      Mare/Filly

119      Gelding

Champion and Reserve Champion Led Any Other Breed

JUDGING OF SUPREME LED HORSE OF THE SHOW. Will be judged on completion of all led classes in Rings 1,2,3 and 4



120      Thoroughbred under saddle

121      ANSA under saddle

122      Warmblood under saddle
123      Arabian, Part Bred Arabian under saddle
124      Any Other Breed (not in schedule) under saddle



125      Maiden Hack

126      Novice Hack

127     Open Hack 15H NE 15.2H

128      Open Hack 15.2H NE 16H

129     Open Hack 16H and over

130      Open Ladies Hack

131      Open Gentlemen’s Hack

132      Child’s Hack to be ridden by a child under 17 years

133      Off the track Hack

Champion and Reserve Champion Open Hack of Show



134      Maiden Hunter Hack

135      Novice Hunter Hack  

136     Open Hunter Hack 15H NE 15.2H

137      Open Hunter Hack 15.2H NE 16H

138      Open Hunter Hack 16H and over

139      AHHA Show Hunter Hack   

140      Open Ladies Hunter Hack

141      Open Gentleman’s Hunter Hack

142      Child’s Hunter Hack to be ridden by a child under 17 years
Champion and Reserve Champion Hunter Hack of Show


Following classes open to Show Hack and Hunter Hack

143     Local Hack – must reside within 30km of Oakey

144      Pleasure Hack – to be ridden in a snaffle bridle

145      Consolation Hack – open to Hacks that have not won a 1st prize today (free entry)



146      Open Lady Rider over 17 years

147      Open Gent Rider over 17 years

Champion & Reserve Champion Adult Rider


JUDGING OF SUPREME CHAMPION RIDER OF SHOW – Ken Shorten Memorial Trophy – donated by The Shorten Family (after the completion of the Junior Rider classes)


JUDGING OF SUPREME CHAMPION RIDDEN HACK OF SHOW – rug donated by Wholesale Horsewear House.




Prize money donated by Max Jannusch



148      Best Presented Miniature

149      Mare/Filly

150      Gelding

Champion and Reserve Champion Led Miniature



151      Best Presented Shetland

152      Mare/Filly

153      Gelding

Champion and Reserve Champion Led Shetland



154      Best Presented Riding Pony

155      Mare/Filly

156      Gelding

Champion and Reserve Champion Led Riding Pony



157      Best Presented Show Hunter Pony

158      Mare/Filly

159      Gelding

Champion and Reserve Champion Led Show Hunter Pony



160      Best Presented Saddle Pony

161      Mare/Filly

162      Gelding

Champion and Reserve Champion Led Saddle Pony



163      Best Presented Pony

164      Mare/Filly

165      Gelding

Champion and Reserve Champion Any Other Pony


JUDGING OF SUPREME LED PONY OF SHOW – Rug donated by Bernborough Hardware

JUDGING OF SUPREME LED HORSE OF THE SHOW. Will be judged on completion of all led classes in Rings 1,2,3 and 4


166      Maiden Pony Hack NE 14H

167      Newcomer Pony Hack NE 14H

168     Novice Pony Hack NE 14H

169      Open Pony Hack under 12H

170      Open Pony Hack over 12H and NE 13H

171      Open Pony Hack over 13H and NE 14H

Champion & Reserve Champion Open Pony Hack



172      Maiden Hunter Pony Hack NE 14H

173      Newcomer Hunter Pony Hack NE 14H

174      Novice Hunter Pony NE 14H

175      Open Hunter Pony under 12H

176      Open Hunter Pony 12.2H NE 13H

177      Open Hunter Pony 13H NE 14H

178      AHHA Show Hunter Pony NE 14H

Champion & Reserve Champion Hunter Pony


 Following classes open to Pony Hack and Pony Hunter

179      Local Pony Hack – must reside within 30km of Oakey

180     Pair of Pony Hacks

181     Pleasure Pony Hacks – to be ridden in a snaffle bridle (without spurs & whips)

182     Consolation Pony Hack – open to Ponies that have not won a 1st, 2nd or 3rd ribbon today (free entry)


183      Leadline Rider – not eligible for Champion

184     Boy or Girl Rider under 8 years

185      Boy or Girl Rider 8 years & under 10 years

186     Boy or Girl Rider 10 years & under 12 years

Champion & Reserve Champion Junior Rider of Show

187      Boy or Girl Rider 12 years & under 15 years

188      Boy or Girl Rider 15 years & under 17 years

Champion & Reserve Champion Senior Rider of Show


JUDGING OF SUPREME CHAMPION RIDER OF SHOW – Ken Shorten Memorial Trophy – donated by The Shorten Family (after the completion of the Adult Rider classes)




189      Best Presented Palomino

190      Mare/Filly

191      Gelding

Champion and Reserve Champion Led Palomino



192      Best Presented Buckskin or Dun

193      Stallion/Colt

194      Mare/Filly

195      Gelding

Champion and Reserve Champion Led Buckskin or Dun  



196      Best Presented any other Solid Dilute          

197      Mare/Filly

198      Gelding

Champion and Reserve Champion Led Any Other Dilute  




199      Best Presented DANSD        

200      Mare/Filly

201     Gelding

Champion and Reserve Champion Led DANSD


SUPREME DILUTE (Champions from above are eligible for Supreme) – Sponsored by Corralyn Stud



202      Best Presented Ancillary       

203      Ancillary Mare/Filly

204     Ancillary Gelding

Champion and Reserve Champion Led Ancillary


Junior Handler (horse must be reg with one of the above sections)


JUDGING OF SUPREME LED HORSE OF THE SHOW-Will be judged on completion of all led classes in Rings 1,2,3 and 4


205     Ridden Palomino

206     Ridden Buckskin or Dun

207     Ridden Other Dilute

208     Ridden Ancillary



209      Maiden Galloway Hack

210      Novice Galloway Hack

211      Galloway Hack over 14H & NE 14.2H

212      Galloway Hack over 14.2H & NE 15H

213     Adult Galloway Hack

214      Childs Galloway Hack – to be ridden by a child under 17 years

Champion Galloway Hack – rug donated by Horseland Toowoomba

Reserve Champion Galloway Hack



215      Maiden Galloway Hunter Hack

216      Novice Galloway Hunter Hack

217      Hunter Galloway 14H & NE 14.2H

218     Hunter Galloway over 14.2H & NE 15H

219      AHHA Galloway Hunter Hack

220      Adult Galloway Hunter Hack

221     Childs Galloway Hunter Hack to be ridden by a child under 17 years

Champion & Reserve Champion Hunter Galloway


            Following classes open to Galloway Hack and Galloway Hunter

222      Local Galloway – must reside within 30 km of Oakey

223      Pleasure Galloway – to be ridden in a snaffle bridle

224      Consolation Galloway – open to horses that have not won a 1st prize today (free entry)



Sponsored by Rodney and Leah Chicken


225      Best Presented Stock Horse

226      Colt – 3 years and under

227      Stallion – 4 years and over

228      Filly – 3 years and under

229      Mare – 4 years and over

230      Gelding 

Champion Led Stock Horse – The Ted Biltoft Memorial Trophy donated by the Biltoft and Byers Families and Sash.

Reserve Champion Led Stock Horse

231       Unregistered stock horse type led Mare/Filly

232      Unregistered stock horse type led Gelding


233      Best Presented Quarter Horse

234      Stallion/Colt

235     Mare/Filly

236     Gelding

Champion and Reserve Champion Led Quarter Horse



237      Best Presented Pinto             

238      Mare/Filly

239     Gelding

Champion and Reserve Champion Led Pinto



240      Best Presented Paint 

241      Mare/Filly

242     Gelding           

Champion & Reserve Champion Paint Led

JUDGING OF SUPREME LED HORSE OF THE SHOW - Will be judged on completion of all led classes in Rings 1,2,3 and 4


243     Quarter Horse under saddle  

244      Pinto, Paint under saddle

245      ASH Hack – Stallion or Colt                                                                                                                   Horse Movement declaration

246      ASH Hack – Mare or Filly

247      ASH Hack – Gelding

248      Working ASH Colt – 4 years & Under

249      Working ASH Stallion – 5 years & Over

250      Working ASH Mare – 4 years & Under

251      Working ASH Mare – 5 years & Over

252      Working ASH Gelding – 4 years & Under

253      Working ASH Gelding – 5 years & Over

Champion & Reserve Champion Working ASH

254      Working Stock Horse type (only open to unregistered horses)

255      Working ASH Lady Rider

256      Working ASH Gent Rider

257      Working ASH Junior Rider (16 years and under)

258      Local Working Stock Horse under saddle. Open to all horses.

(Rider and horse must reside within 30km of Oakey).

259      Utility Pattern U2 – 4 years and under – any breed or sex.                                                                     Horse Health Declaration

260      Utility Pattern U2 – 5 years and over – any breed or sex.

(Utility Pattern U2 found in the ASHS Pattern book)




Chief Steward: Joanne Lossberg   Phone: 0408 769 975

All nominations to be paid at the Centre Horse Ring. No refunds.

Commences 8am on Saturday of the Show. Nominate on the day. Judge under EFA rules.

In all jumping events helmets must be to Australian standards, boots must be worn.


Class  261      30cm AM3 – Open to competitors 12 years & under. Entry fee $2.00

                        1st $20.00 2nd $10.00 3rd $5.00

Class  262      60cm AM5 – Open to competitors under 17 years. Entry fee $2.00

                        1st $20.00 2nd $10.00 3rd $5.00

Class  263      90cm AM5 Entry fee $4.00

                         1st $40.00 2nd $30.00 3rd $15.00

Class  264      105cm AM5 Entry fee $6.00

                        1st $60.00 2nd $40.00 3rd $20.00

Class  265      115cm AM5 Entry fee $7.00

                        1st $70.00 2nd $65.00 3rd $45.00 4th $25.00 5th $10.00

Class  266      130cm AM5 Entry fee $10.00

                        1st $100.00 2nd $75.00 3rd $60 4th $30.00 5th $15.00

Class  267      Top Score Entry Fee $7.00

                        1st $70.00 2nd $55.00 3rd $40.00 4th $25.00 5th $10.00


High Point Rider – Sponsored by Riverina Stockfeeds

High Point Horse – Sponsored by Riverina Stockfeeds

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