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Chief Stewards: Kerry Shepherd and Michelle Fahey.

Enquiries: or 0456 021 478

Entries, entry fee and exhibitor details must be received at the show office, Oakey showgrounds,or posted to PO Box 91, Oakey 4401 by 3.00pm on Friday 8th March 2024. Exhibits will be displayed in the pavilion on Show Day and may be collected after 4.00pm on Saturday 16th March 2024. All uncollected entries will no longer remain the responsibility of the Show Society unless alternate arrangements have been made prior to Show Day.

 ENTRY FEE: 50c    (only one entry per student permitted in each class).

PRIZE MONEY: FIRST $5; SECOND $3; THIRD $2 plus Certificates



Students are to complete a text on the topic for age group. This should be the individual work of the student and not copied from other texts.

It is to be handwritten on lines appropriate to year level and may include a picture.

There is no length restriction other than the complete text (including picture) must be mounted on A4 card for display.

Texts will be judged on content, sentence structure, grammar, spelling and overall presentation (including neatness of handwriting and picture).

Class  3801      Prep- At School. (May be dictated to a scribe - please indicate this on entry).

Class  3802     Year 1/2 - My Family.

Class  3803     Year 3/4- My Favourite Animal.

Class  3804     Year 5/6- A day to Remember.



Maps must be mounted on A4 card for display.

A basic border has been provided for Prep to Year 2 to create their maps.

Blank blackline masters have been provided for years 3 - 6. 

Class  3805      Prep - a pictorial map of the playground/play area - drawn, coloured and labelled.

Class  3806     Year 1/2 - a bird's eye view of their bedroom - drawn, coloured and labelled.

Class  3807     Year 3/4 - Map of Australia -may show States and capital cities.

Class  3808     Year 5/6 - Map of the World- may show continents, oceans, significant lines of latitude.


Stewards will create a pack for each school with blackline masters and an entry sheet so no names of students or schools will appear on the work whilst being judged.


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