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Farm Produce & Field Crops 2024

Chief Steward: Graham Cooke   Phone: 0429 328 681

Entries close Monday 11 March 2024 with Secretary PO Box 91 Oakey 4401.


A special trophy donated by H.S. Kowitz will be awarded to the Exhibitor gaining the highest number of prize points in this section.

All exhibits in the section to be delivered to Stewards, at the Pavilion before 9am Friday 15 March 2024. All exhibits may be collected after 4.00pm on Saturday 16 March 2024.

A sheaf to be at least 10cm (4 in) in diameter and, for judging purposes, quality and neatness will be taken into consideration.

All exhibits in this section must have been produced by and be the property of exhibitor.

All exhibits of GRAIN to be in buckets or a suitable container.  No pickled grain to be shown.

ENTRY FEE: $1.00

PRIZES: First $5.00, Second $2.00 (except where otherwise stated)

CLASS 1 WHEAT trophy donated by The Bacon Family

NB 7kg is approximately 15lbs.  Varieties should be stated on entry



Class 2801          7kg Wheat (any variety)

Class 2802         7kg Malting Barley

Class 2803         7kg Feed Barley

Class 2804         7kg Sorghum Hybrid - any variety

Class 2805         7kg Maize, gritting

Class 2806         7kg Maize, milling

Class 2807         7kg Triticale - any variety

Class 2808         7kg Oats - any variety

Class 2809         7kg Pigeon Peas

Class 2810          7kg Chick Peas - brown

Class 2811           7kg Chick Peas - white

Class 2812           7kg Cow Pea - any variety

Class 2813           7kg Mung Beans - any variety

Class 2814           7kg Soybeans

Class 2815           7kg Panorama Millet

Class 2816           7kg White French Millet

Class 2817           7kg Jap Millett

Class 2818           7kg Sudan Grass Seed

Class 2819           7kg Panicum Seed

Class 2820          7kg Red Panicum Seed

Class 2821           7kg Canary Seed

Class 2822          7kg Sunflower - oilseed

Class 2823          7kg Sunflower - bird seed

Class 2824          7kg Any Other Grain

Class 2825          Three stalks sunflowers - ripe

Class 2826          Three stalks sunflowers - green

Class 2827          Six Stalks maize, in cob, large variety-ripe

Class 2828         Collection of maize in cob, large variety-green

CHAMPION BARLEY EXHIBIT - Trophy donated by Kathie Lange

CHAMPION PULSES - Sponsored by Deacon Seeds

CHAMPION MILLET EXHIBIT - Sponsored by Deacon Seeds

CHAMPION BUCKET OF GRAIN - Sponsored by Bradford Bros, Oakey.


Class 2829         A bale of Lucerne hay

Class 2830         A bale of Cereal hay




Class 2831        Sheaf of Wheat, ripe

Class 2832       Sheaf of Barley, ripe

Class 2833       Sheaf of Oats, ripe

Class 2834       Sheaf of Canary, ripe

Class 2835       Sheaf of Millet, any variety

Class 2836       Sheaf of Panorama

Class 2837       Sheaf of Hybrid Sorghum- ripe

Class 2838       Sheaf of Hybrid Sorghum- green

Class 2839       Bunch of Forage Sorghum - green

Class 2840       Bunch of Lab Lab -green

Class 2841        Bunch of any other legume

Class 2842       Bunch of Lucerne (fresh)

Class 2843       Bunch of Pasture Grass fresh


CHAMPION SHEAF/BUNCH OF SHOW from classes 2831 - 2843 - 

Supreme Farm Produce Exhibit of Show - Trophy sponsored by 


Chief Steward: Graham Cooke Phone: (07) 4692 2131 or Mobile 0429 328 681. Please contact Graham to lodge entries.

 Entry Fee: $10 Dryland Crop Classes.

 Oakey A., P. & R. Society Inc. wishes to thank all who have entered their crops in this competition. Several entries were received across the wheat and barley sections. There were no entries in the chickpea category.

2023 Dryland Field Wheat competition

1st Kummerow Family (Girraween Farming) with Sunblade variety

2nd Grundy Family with Sunmaster variety

2023 Dryland Durum Wheat Competition

1st Kummerow Family (Girraween Farming) with Westcourt variety

2023 Dryland Field Barley Competition

1st Anderson Family (Arcadia Rural) with Oxford variety

2nd Rosenberger Family with Leabrook variety     

The growers of these winning crops will be presented with their prizes at the Oakey Show on 16th March 2024.

The winners of the prime hard wheat and barley categories will now represent the district at the 2023 RASQ Darling Downs Field Wheat and Barley Competitions.

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